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  • "Exceeded my expectations..."

    "Much thanks – the work your company performed exceeded my expectations – it was fast and neat, very non-invasive and did not disrupt anything around my home except to remove the old ugly concrete which I hired you to take away.  Thanks again."

    Carolyn Bruns
    Newport, KY
  • "Saved us countless hours of ineffective hand digging..."

    "I truly appreciate the expertise and diligence you bring to the job site. Your team’s unique ability, creative methods, and expert results are always a welcome addition to our job sites."

    Gary Brown
    Cincinnati, OH
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Cincinnati Concrete Contractor - Professional & Innovative

Why Do Residential Property Owners Turn To CreteBusters? Here are 4 Reasons

It’s a given to expect “every contractor” to be licensed and insured this day and age.  You also expect the work be “quality”, so why consider CreteBusters?

Minimize the damage to your lawn and landscape – We hear it all the time, “I didn’t expect to need a $1000 of landscape work done after my project.”
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Minimize the disturbance to your existing lifestyle –  We get it.  While this is just “another concrete job” to us, this undertaking may require you to make some inconvenient changes while it’s completed. 
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Minimize the time required to complete your project –  You don’t want to sacrifice safety and quality.  And you may not be in a rush to start your concrete project, but trust us, once it begins, you’ll want it done as soon as possible.
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Being readily prepared for “unforeseen circumstances” – Sometimes no matter how well you prepare, there are some things you just can’t be ready for because all the planning in the world couldn’t have uncovered it.

Why Construction Pros Partner with CreteBusters on Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects

cincninati concrete patio removal
The ability to use less contractors and eliminate some project coordination by using our versatility that can handle a variety of concrete related tasks on any job site.  Concrete Saws, Dump Trucks, Roll Off Trucks, Excavators, Demolition Tools and more all owned by CreteBusters and ready to work on your project.
The ability to deal with the “we didn’t see that coming” or “we knew from the beginning this would be tough” jobs. We appreciate simple as much as the next guy, but are ready with specialized equipment and trained staff to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.  This is all done while minimizing any scheduling slowdowns.
cincinnati concrete porch removal

Types of Concrete We Remove and can Replace

We employ a variety of methods for Concrete Removal and Demolition including

Concrete Cutting   –   Concrete Breaking   –  Concrete Splitting  –  Concrete Crushing

Our methods are executed using a wide array of standard industry equipment, as well as highly specialized equipment that no other contractor in Cincinnati OWNS including:


Mini Excavators

Skid Steers


Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic Splitters

Tracked Haulers